Well, this will hopefully put some wind in those black-tarred sails of yours. Gothic folk sorceress Emma Ruth Rundle and avant-guard sludge banshees Thou have announced that they will be teaming up to cover the earth in suffocating miasma of impenetrable dread, and … *checks notes* They will be releasing a collaborative LP, they’ve titled May Our Chambers Be Full, due out October 30 on Sacred Bones.

You can stream the stunning first single from May Our Chambers Be Full titled “Ancestral Recall” below:

The collaboration is a potent synthesis of the two artists’ styles, wedding the weird, earthen elegance of Emma’s songwriting to the cold, simmering, acerbic angst of Thou.

Preorder May Our Chambers Be Full from Sacred Bones here.

Emma and Thou’s combined creative effort follows a joint tour that took the two artists across the continental United States and overseas to Roadburn during the winter and spring of 2019.

Speaking on the collaboration, Thou guitarist Andy Gibbs elaborates on the conception of the project, stating, “When I first wrote the main two riffs (the first one being an homage to A Perfect Circle’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’), I didn’t know if it would fit with the vibe we were pursuing because it didn’t sound “Thou-y” enough, nor did it sound like something Emma would normally put on a record. Ultimately, I realized how important that trait is; this record is all about exploring territory we wouldn’t usually explore with our own records.”

Emma adds, “Andy originally wrote the riffs, and I believe I referred to it as the Guitar Hero jam—it was hard for me to keep up, and I felt like I was doing an obstacle course (in the best way). Because of the differences in our guitar tunings, it was difficult for me to match the rest exactly, and I ended up coming up with a single-note passage to play over the most difficult section.

“For me, this was a good example of the collaboration and that I was able to express my style despite my limitations in a way that added to Andy’s riff. Working with him on guitars was a challenge, but most rewarding, and I feel proud of our child.”

Sounds like Halloween is on this year after all! Come All Hallows’ Eve, you can put this sacred sonic tableau on your turntable and listen to it under a tent you’ve made out of blankets while you read ghost stories and drink cider with your partner. Did someone say party for two in the haunted comforter castle? Well, don’t mind if I do!

In all seriousness, this is a monumental collaboration and release that we are absolutely delighted to share with you today!

Here is the preorder link again in case you missed it above.


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