News: Emo Band cokeworks Release “I’m Not A Flat Earther, But…”

Rust belt emo band cokeworks release its latest song “I’m Not A Flat Earther, But…” The band say there is an important, human element woven into the lyrics.

“In response to the idea that everyone would be able to leave the climate crisis for a terraformed Mars, we wrote ‘I’m Not A Flat earther But…’ to warn about the class implications of that and to redirect our hope to undoing the haram we’ve done to the planet.”

The track plays like a traditional pop-emo track in the first few versus, with an intriguing twist in the second. The pace slows, with the vocals alternating between the band’s male and female vocalists. It’s a haunting yet inspiring sound that will leave you pressing the repeat button.

“We wanted to give everyone a poppy, jazzy summer bop filled with twinkly guitars and Origami Angel influences to dance out our emo hearts to,” the band continue.

For more on cokeworks, click here.

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