Engine Kid was a hardcore band that included Southern Lord’s Greg Anderson on guitar, Chris Vandebrooke on drums and Art Behrman on bass. They did some stuff in the ’90s, played some shows, dropped some records. You know, band stuff. They’ll be the first to admit the whole thing was kind of a blur. Things can move pretty fast. This was true even in the ’90s.

As far as a career goes, it had some highlights. They did a record with Steve Albini once, plus a couple more. The recordings we have from their initial go are pretty solid. Even the ones that didn’t make the initial tracklist cut are pretty good. You can listen to a never-before-released track from them titled “Angle Dust” below if you don’t believe me:

About that track… here is what Greg had to say about it:

“[D]uring the process of unearthing ‘Angel Wings’ master tapes, a previously unreleased/unheard track from the session was discovered.  Our recollections of this song were extremely foggy and the reason it was left off the full-length album remains a mystery! Vitality was injected into the track by wizard producer Brad Wood.”

“Angel Dust” and others will appear on a special boxset that the band will be releasing called Everything Left Inside. Six LPs, coming your way Record Store Day 2021 ie June 12. Additional formats will drop later on Southern Lord and Daymare Recordings.

The box set will include unreleased/unheard recordings as well as hard to find/sought after albums including the Novocaine/Astronaut 12”, Bear Catching Fish 2xLP, Angel Wings 2xLP and Split w/ Iceburn / Everything Left Inside 12”.

Pre-order Everything Left Inside here.

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