News: Enslaved Announce Co-Headlining Tour with Insomnium

Enslaved have announced a co-headline 2023 North American tour with Insomnium and support act Black Anvil. The tour begins April 5 and concludes April 30, about a month after the release of Enslaved’s forthcoming record Heimdal, which drops March 3.

Enslaved and Isomnium 2023 Tour

Ivar Bjørnson states:

“Neither you nor we will believe how much we are looking forward to coming back to the U.S. of A. and Canada in April 2023! We have a new album (and more if you want to be technical), ‘Heimdal’, to show you—Spoiler alert: it will lay venues waste. Yes, we are that confident. We also have some rather cosmically awesome (!) bands joining the trek in co-headliners Insomnium and support Black Anvil—How could this become anything but the most spectacular event of 2023?”

Grutle Kjellson comments:

“Sometimes the answers and the truths lie under your very nose, or where the journey starts, where you first set sail towards horizons unknown. This was very much the case when we started working on “Heimdal;” we stepped back and looked a bit inwards and also at our immediate surroundings, at the area we hail from and where we still dwell today, Hordaland. On these shores, people have been living and dying, worshiping and crying, laughing and lying, ever since the Stone Age. History has been written here; history will still be written here and we will continue to dwell here until the end of our days.

“Built around this historical narrative, ‘Heimdal’ was created, and on the third of March 2023. We would like to invite you to celebrate the album release with us and pay homage to our history.

“Under the ‘Heimhug’ banner, we’re gonna perform a two-set release concert at USF Bergen with very special guests; we’ll have an art exhibition with the specific photographs and drawings we used for the artwork on the album and also an exclusive showing of last year’s’The Otherworldly BigBand experience.’

“See you in Bergen in March!
“Alu Alu Laukar!”

Enslaved have quite a bit planned for 2023, including festival show dates, and a unique album release event in their home city of Bergen, Norway. Named Heimhug, the evening will feature an extended Enslaved live set with guests, including very special guest Jo Quail.

Tickets are on sale now.

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