News: Enslaved Releases Video/Single of ‘Bounded By Allegiance – Live’

Norwegian extreme metal masters Enslaved has released the single and video for their track ‘Bounded by Allegiance – Live.’ The outstanding track actually derives from their revolutionary album Isa, which came out in 2004. However, this version is actually a live recording of the performance of the song with the collaboration between Enslaved and psychedelic Norwegian progressive band Shaman Elephant. The out of this world performance occurred last year, through the magnificent streaming event ‘The Otherworldly Big Band Experience.’

Watch the ‘Bounded by Allegiance – Live’ video on YouTube:

Listen to the ‘Bounded by Allegiance – Live’ single here.


Enslaved’s latest EP Caravans To The Outer Worlds was released last year via Nuclear Blast Records. To order the EP, click here.

Photo Courtesy: Enslaved


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