News: Eric Hilton Announce New Album

Godfather of downtempo and trip-hop pioneer, Eric Hilton has announced a brand new album, Sound Vagabond, set to release February 23 via Montserrat House Music. Sound Vagabond is a 14-track travelogue created after spending decades merging global genres into one fusion. Each track portrays an audio postcard of different places over the world.

Hilton on Sound Vagabond:

“Some memories of the places I’ve been are very clear. Others are distant nostalgic echos. This record started modestly with some basic ideas, but after writing the first eight tracks, I knew I had a travelogue.”

The dynamic contrasts that exist within Hilton’s music helped encourage Sound Vagabond to have a rewarding listen via Hilton’s hybridization of musical influences and experiences and the evidence becomes prominent within the album’s title track. With many tracks on this album, the sound’s origin is difficult to identify due to it being mixed within the sound that Crumbly creates. Whilst every journey does enrich the traveler, the time spent on unfamiliar ground tends to bring self-reflection, Hilton explores this on two of the records strongest tracks; “The Mirror Inside” and “The Grand Intro.”

The end result is a musical fusion where the samples don’t call attention to themselves more than the others and the album closer has a sensation where it’s like the beginning of a long journey home; the perfect way to complete the album and get your musical passport stamped.

Sound Vagabond Tracks: 
1. Endless Affair
2. Glass Visage
3. Nico
4. Closer
5. Midnight Milan
6. The Violet Hour
7. Cerro Alegre
8. The Grand Intro
9. Sound Vagabond
10. Petra
11. Mumbai Hustle
12. Poppy Fields
13. The Mirror Inside
14. Lumi

Stream “Midnight Milan” everywhere else here.

Pre-order “Midnight Milan”, “Closer” and “Poppy Fields” here.
Each will come with an unreleased B-Side. Unavailable digitally.

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