Texan thrash unit Expander have just announced their second album, Neuropunk Boostergang, which is due for release August 21st via Profound Lore Records. You can check out the lead single, “Hyper-Flesh Aedificium” below!

On this single, the band comment:

“Hyper-Flesh Aedificium”describes a landscape where human evolution becomes intertwined with our cities, buildings and artifacts. The monolithic structures described in the song are physically alive, breathing and self-healing, an extension of the body itself. These unimaginable architectures represent the first step of unification between Earth and outer space and offer a glimpse into an unsettling bio-mechanical future that Expander inhabits.

Neuropunk Boostergang tracklisting:

1. Wretched Warez
2. Megacorp
3. Hyper-Flesh Aedificium
4. Waste Ranger5. Cryptosteal
6. Loyalty Illusion (R.A.T.)
7. Rejunkulizer
8. Neuropunk Boostergang
9. Obsoletor
10. C.O.III: Quest For A Future

Neuropunk Boostergang is due for release August 21st via Profound Lore Records, with info on pre-orders coming live in the next few weeks.


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