News: Eye Am Announce ‘Cryptomnesia’ Release Date

Heavy metal band Eye Am have announced the release date of their second single, “Cryptomnesia.” The single will be released on November 24; preorders are available now.

Band member Kenny Hickey shares his thoughts on the new single:

“As a musician, it’s often difficult to listen to a song just for the enjoyment of it once it’s been completed primarily because of the many hours of work and concentration that go into it and the repetitive nature of the recording process in general. But, when I sit back and listen to ‘Cryptomnesia’ all that seems to melt away and I fall in love with it again. ”

Kenny goes on to say:

“The song is more of an experience rather than just another tune to fill in some time while you’re on your way here or there.”

Eye Am

Andrew Spaulding from Corpse Paint Records says:

“I’m really excited for the fans to get a chance to hear a more developed version of EYE AM. This song Kenny had the true universal connection to creativity. I picked him up from the airport before the recording session started. We got back to where we were staying and within 30 minutes he wrote the opening riff and Melody to the song, it just poured out of him. I think it’s some of the best stuff he’s ever done in his whole entire career.”

Andrew adds:

“Once Kenny took his new creation to the studio, he sat down with Kirk and the magic happened again. After the two developed the song, Todd and Johnny joined in and collectively as a band, arranged it. You could tell the guys are creating a sound, not just playing notes.”

According to the press release:

Kicking off the excitement for the release, the band and Corpse Paint Records teamed together for a once-in-a-lifetime contest for fans to win a trip to New Orleans and meet the band, and now, preorders for the single are live with several different (and extremely limited) variants—not to mention, an opportunity to get your name in the EYE AM album credits in 2024.

Preorder the single here.

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Photo courtesy of Eye Am

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