News: EYEHATEGOD Announce New Album

Seminal NOLA sludge metal band EYEHATEGOD are back on Century Media. They just signed a new contract with the label. Great! Ok, now that’s said. On to the good stuff.

EYEHATEGOD have a new album slotted for release in spring of 2021. Fuck yeah! It will be their first in seven years and is titled A History of Nomadic Behavior.

“We’re happy to announce solidifying our worldwide relationship with EyeHateGod,” added Director of Century Media Records, Phillipp Schulte. “While Century Media has worked with the guys in the past, we’re excited to begin a new chapter with a record that easily ranks amongst this hard-working, heavy-touring band’s best. We are very much looking forward to releasing EyeHateGod’s A Historic of Nomadic Behavior.”

If you need me to translate the above statement about the signing and new album from business person speak to regular person talk, here is the short version: “We’re freaking stoked!”

Stay tuned for future updates!


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