News: Face the Facs – Chicago Art-Rock Trio Readies 5th LP

Look, all we want to hear are the Facs. So it’s with great delight that we spread some fac-tual news about what the Chicago art-rockers are up to these days.

Last month, the trio announced they will trot out album number five, Still Life in Decay, come April 7. As for even more recent news, Facs just rolled out a black-and-red video for the album track “Slogan.”

Facs’ “Slogan” clip, which doesn’t feature any Facs members, looks more like a lyric clip instead of an official video. Then again, they’re artists.

As for the song itself, it’s a crisp, mostly instrumental tune that calls to mind Tortoise. Those seminal post-rock instrumentalists, like the Facs machine, hail from the Windy City.

The lyrics to “Slogan” are as follows:

You’re eyes
Like mine
You found liberation
From doubt
And other things
Suspended thought is identity
As a slogan
I had it
In the palm of my hand
Had it in the
Palm of my hand
Still life in decay

Per Facs’ description of themselves, they “use minimalism and space to create abstract, modern art rock.”

Still Life in Decay consists of six tunes: “Constellation,” “When You Say,” “Slogan,” “Class Spectre,” “Still Life,” and “New Flag.” The six-song effort qualifies as an LP instead of an EP, at least in part because its last two tracks run 8:24 and 10:49, respectively.

The ever-prolific Sanford Parker, who engineered Facs’ Void Moments in 2020, reconnected with them to record their LP at Steve Albini’s famed Electrical Audio.

Naturally, it will arrive via Trouble in Mind Records, the label through which Facs released their previous four full-lengths. Trouble in Mind issued a statement saying Still Life in Decay will be a spiritual successor to 2021’s Present Tense.

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