News: Fat Possum Records Release The Jim Carroll Band’s 1980 Album, Catholic Boy

Fat Possum Records goes back into their catalog to release The Jim Carroll Band’s 1980 record, Catholic Boy, which is available on vinyl for exclusive purchase and across all streaming platforms. Get yours here.

Besides Catholic Boy becoming one of the most iconic releases in punk music, “People Who Died” was one of their greatest singles off the record. The song received great recognition during the time of John Lennon’s assassination, becoming one of the most requested songs on FM radio just after Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Check out Lou Reed and Jim Carroll’s Live Performance at The Capitol Theatre in 1984.

Carroll once said, “There ain’t much time left; you’re born out of this insane abyss, and you’re going to fall back into it, so while you’re alive, you might as well show your bare ass.”

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