News: FELICITY Collab with Point North on New Song

Alternative and pop punk band FELICITY join forces with scene stars Point North on their new track “Charlies Sheen.” It’s a full circle moment for the Florida natives, as the band jammed Point North’s cover of “Hammer” before some of their earliest shows.

“It had always been a dream to collaborate with them and this year we were able to make it happen, “ FELICITY say.

FELICITY says they flew from Orlando to Los Angeles in December to write and record with Point North, describing the three-day process as “seamless.”

“Jon Lundin is such a prolific songwriter and talented artist; we really let him captain the ship, and we just helped shape our vision of the song and provided as much input as we could to ensure it became a ‘FELICITY song’ at the end of the day,” the band continue.

In addition to releasing a series of gripping new singles, FELICITY have built a community with their creative—and often comedic—presence on social media. The guys recently broke 130,000 followers on TikTok. “Charlie Sheen” fits in with the bands overall personal perfectly, while providing hope for anyone who has struggled with self destructive thoughts.

“We’ve always struggled to find our identity and place in the music scene,” the band continue. “We’ve felt overlooked.”

FELICITY will tour with Between You & Me this spring. Keep a close eye out for new music and show announcements here.

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