When you are a Grammy-nominated band, the level of expectation behind new music is dramatically higher. Activists FEVER 333 have presented the world with the latest music video for their song “Wrong Generation.”

With it, the band have surely satisfied the eyes that are gazing upon them now and produced a piece of art that shows why they are masters of their craft and are nowhere near finished making their art.

The new release sees Travis Barker join the band behind the drum kit and the music video truly complements the band’s live energy. This video adds an amazing visual representation of the band’s live persona and results in a music video that can’t be ignored and speaks volumes.

Jason Butler crafted the song after he spent thirteen days in the streets of Los Angeles marching for justice after the tragic death of George Floyd last summer.

Speaking about EP, Butler elaborated, “This project is art as activism first. I’m talking about what’s happening and what needs to happen. I hope you understand there’s going to be pain in progress. After dismantling and deconstructing all of these things, we can find a beautiful place to be together.  For me, this whole EP is that 13 days after 34 years. You fucked with the WRONG GENERATION.” 

FEVER 333 unleashed their new EP, WRONG GENERATION, this past October via Roadrunner Records / 333 WRECKORDS CREW.  Available on all streaming platforms.

Article by Rob Kent


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