Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Fire In The Mountains have released an official statement in regards to the upcoming festival. The full statement will be posted below, but in brief, the team are optimistic that the festival will be continuing as scheduled.

For more information about the festival, lineup, and tickets, you can visit Fire In The Mountains’ website here.

Fire in the Mountains is exactly 4 months away. We would like to take a moment to update everyone on our perspectives and policies regarding the covid-19 pandemic.

There is still much to be determined and understood about the Coronavirus. We, at Fire in the Mountains, are doing our best to patiently follow developments. At this point, we are optimistic that Fire in the Mountains will proceed uninterrupted and we will continue the necessary preparations to bring you the best music experience you have ever been too.

Every year we operate under the standards that the safety and health of our attendees is a top priority. This year we are making no exceptions. We are taking current, and all, health concerns seriously and we will follow the health and safety advice/guidelines from local and national health organizations.

In the worst-case scenario that we do have to cancel the festival, refunds will be issued. But we need to emphasize that refunds will only be issued upon cancellation of the festival. Rest assured that your purchases are protected. We are also considering an optional refund plan that allows you to keep a portion of your ticket price in a fund that will go to your 2021 ticket which would help Fire in the Mountains remain in business for 2021. If this scenario arises, we will communicate this decision to everyone no later than one month before the festival. We welcome you all to share your opinions on this with us.

The economic toll this virus has had, and the hysteria around it, is very real. We realize this could have an effect on your wallets. For this reason, all new ticket purchasers have the option to pay in full, or to pay 50% up front and pay the other 50% by June 1st. This makes the initial economic investment more manageable, while giving you time to save money for the rest of the bill. We hope this will help people feel more comfortable purchasing tickets. If you are debating whether to buy a ticket, we highly encourage you to do so now before the First Release Tickets are sold out and the price increases.

We want to end this letter by stressing we are highly optimistic that Fire in the Mountains will not be cancelled. We will all be banging our heads together in front of the Tetons and having truly transformative experiences come July. Let’s all do our best to remain positive and manifest that reality.

We strongly believe the best thing we can do for ourselves is be in the fresh mountain air of the Tetons, having a ton of fun, and communing together! So, stay healthy, feed your immune system, wash your hands, be good to one another, and we look forward to seeing you all in the mountains this summer!

See you in the mountains!


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