Italian symphonic-death metal masters Fleshgod Apocalypse have built a reputation around their brand of rapid death metal, striking orchestral segments, and their gritty, yet classical sense of fashion. They’ve spanned a musical career across 13 years and constantly strive to grow their sound with every release, leading up to their latest music video offering for “Monnalisa.”

The track is taken from their latest album Veleno, which was released in mid-2019 via Nuclear Blast Records. “Monnalisa” sees the band trading in their blast beats and speed for a slower, more melodious approach to their music.

They are able to achieve a grandiose sound by utilizing an entrancing lead riff and a memorable, symphonic chorus. The video presents elements of classical, Italian culture that are both elegant and captivating, juxtaposed with death metal imagery.

Fleshgod Apocalypse founding member Francesco Paoli comments on “Monnalisa”:

“‘Monnalisa’ is truly experimental but, at the same time, one of the best songs we’ve ever written. It stood up amongst the other Veleno tracks right from its release, becoming an instant classic for our fans. I believe what makes this one so special for everyone is that the idea of “poisoning,” which is at the very center of our album Veleno, is connected to love.

Even the most noble of feelings can become toxic if we suddenly lose our identity, letting our mind and soul become enslaved to someone else. In the end, we can truly love someone only if we find a way to love ourselves first. This is one of the most meaningful messages hidden inside our album. That’s why we felt the need to emphasize it even more through this video.”

Purchase Veleno here.

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