News: Folterkammer Release Video for New Song ‘Anno Domina’

Folterkammer have released a video for the track “Anno Domina” and launched preorders for forthcoming record Weibermacht due out April 19. The brand new track “Anno Domina” features a guest harpsichord solo from Imperial Triumphant bassist Steve Blanco. The video shot for the song was once again directed by Folterkammer drummer Brendan McGowan.

Folterkammer have developed quite the reputation for themselves due to frontwoman and vocalist Andromeda Anarchia’s operatic vocal style and the band’s unique approach to black metal. 

Andromeda Anarchia states:

“AD stands for Anno Domini, Latin for ‘in the year of the Lord,’ signifying Christ’s birth year. With Christian terms traditionally linking to male dominance Folterkammer find such expressions irksome and strive to reject misogynistic ideologies. Playfully reinterpreting, they coined ‘Anno Domina’ (the year of the dominatrix) symbolizing the era of female supremacy against institutionalized superstition and sexism. The term reflects rebellion and aligns with ‘Weibermacht’s’ themes of BDSM and femdom.

The song captures this mood of awakening, with the ringing of bells, the counting of whips … and a wonderful harpsichord solo, played by none other than the bassist of Imperial Triumphant, who is actually a trained jazz pianist, Steve Blanco.”

Folterkammer comments:

“After the last single, ‘Das Peitschengedicht,’ we once again work with the symbolism and expressiveness of the whip: an elegant torture instrument, delicate at the tip, but also very sharp and painful, used to set things in motion and drive them forward or to punish stagnation or slow progress.

“Andromeda captivates right from the start with pure bel canto singing. She deliberately wrote a verse melody that stretches over two octaves from the beginning, making it a vocal challenge. On a symbolic level, it was intended to stand for something sophisticated, virtuoso, strong and even superior—Andromeda’s way of smashing the patriarchy.

“The kinky lyrics speak of how men are at the mercy of women and of the submissiveness demanded of men, who are henceforth to devote themselves entirely to the well-being and celebration of women.”

Folterkammer and Witching tour dates:

03/22: Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
03/23: Richmond, VA @ Another Round
03/24: Columbus, OH @ The Summit
03/25: Chattanooga, TN @ Dark Roast
03/26: Nashville, TN @ The End
03/27: Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle
03/28: Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
03/29: Cleveland, OH @ No Class
03/30: Brooklyn, NY @ Kingsland

Photo courtesy of Folterkammer

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