News: FOR3ST HILLS Release New Single “I’ll Ruin You”

The American rock band, FOR3ST HILLS, have released a new single, “I’ll Ruin You,” set to release on May 18. This single is going to be off of their third album, Lost, coming out sometime this year. Thus far in their musical journey, they’ve released two albums under the previous name and four—soon to be five—singles under the current spelling.

Stream “I’ll Ruin You” here.

Frontman, Zero Surico on “I’ll Ruin You”:

“’I’ll Ruin You’ is a romantic omen. It’s about wanting to be close to someone, but being terrified of the chaos you’ll inevitably bring.”

FOR3ST HILLS are an independant band that formed in New York City by Jack Burton and Zero Surico back in 2018. They were originally known as Forest Hills, but changed the spelling in 2021, due to wanting to seperate themselves from the area in New York City by the same name. They have travelled country-wide together and recently brought on a third member to their band, Draven Surico.

They’re also more than just a band, they aim to create awareness for diversity, beyond just the music, but within the fanbase as well. Community means everything to them and they support various different charitable organizations. Eventually, they plan on creating the FOR3ST HILLS Foundation, as a nonprofit to provide resources such as cheaper therapy and assistance for those who are at-risk.

For those who do wish to help support them in their dream and get some benefits for doing so, can sign up for their subscription called REB3L Nation. Learn more about REB3L Nation here.

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