News: Fortress Festival Reveals First Bands

Fortress Festival has revealed the first round of band for their next event on June 2, 2024 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. It aims to become the biggest black metal festival in the U.K.

According to the press release:

“The first wave of confirmed bands includes a host of U.K. exclusive shows, including Blackbraid with a debut and exclusive U.K. show following the recent release of the phenomenal ‘Blackbraid II,’ Panopticon with a ‘Roads to the North’ anniversary full album set, Furia with an exclusive U.K. show promoting the yet-unreleased new album ‘Huta Luna,’ Obsidian Kingdom with a ‘Mantiis’ full album set, Fellwarden with its worldwide live debut, Lamp of Murmuur with a U.K.-exclusive performance, and Falls of Rauros with their first ever U.K. show.

Fortress Festival 2024

1-2 June 2024
Scarborough Spa
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK


Blackbraid 2024 UK exclusive/debut
Panopticon ‘Roads to the North’ anniversary full album set 2024 UK exclusive
Furia 2024 UK exclusive
Obsidian Kingdom ‘Mantiis’ full album set 2024 UK exclusive
Fellwarden worldwide live debut, 2024 UK exclusive
Lamp of Murmuur 2024 UK exclusive
Falls of Rauros 2024 UK exclusive/debut

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More bands are to be announced.

Jon Krieger of Blackbraid says:

“It’s official! Blackbraid will be coming to the U.K. next year for the mighty Fortress Fest. I can’t express how excited I am to not only bring Blackbraid to the U.K. for the first time, but to be doing it at such a unique festival, surrounded by some of the best black metal artists in the world. This will be our only U.K. appearance next year, so we wanted to do our best to make sure it was truly one to remember. A big thank you to Fortress Fest for making this one possible; see you next summer!”

Austin Lunn, the sole member of Panopticon, says:

“‘Roads to the North’ was the sound of a young man, only 31 years old at the time, reflecting on changes and growth in life, as the symphony of life plays on regardless of mistakes and broken strings. 2024 will be 10 years since its release, and it feels like the right time to bring this album in its entirety to the stage for yet another time of reflection on the simultaneous, incredible beauty and horror of this time we  have on earth.”

Frank Allain of Fellwarden says:

“Whilst Fellwarden was always conceived as a studio project first and foremost, I’ve always stated from the get-go that I wouldn’t rule out the prospect of performing live should the right opportunity arise. Fortress Festival 2024 is that opportunity. Nevertheless, Fellwarden will not be an entity that performs for the sake of it, that plays shows regularly as a ‘gigging band.’ As a musical outlet steeped in narrative and atmosphere, it is imperative for us that anything we engage with aligns with this philosophy. So, as it currently stands, Fortress Festival 2024 is all that is in the calendar—and it may very well stay this way in perpetuity, who knows. It therefore promises to be a special performance and quite possibly the only opportunity to witness this material in the live environment.”

Obsidian Kingdom says:

“We’re going to bring ‘Mantiis’ to the stage this one time. And Fortress Festival seems the perfect place to do it, since the members of its organization are so very keen on the album, and the U.K. being one of the first countries which would ask us to perform it back in the day.

“Next June 1, we’ll be in North Yorkshire, going through those 14 bites one after the other, and celebrating that there is some beauty—or at least some sense of humor—to be found in the most vile things on Earth. And we sure hope to see you there.”

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Photo courtesy of Fortress Festival

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