As the emo wave surged over the world in the early naughts, Floridians The Rocking Horse Winner carved out a niche for themselves with an infectious mix of indie-pop, rock and roll, and post-rock.

Comprised of ex-members of As Friends Rust and Jolie Lindholm (whose voice is near and dear to many of us from her work on Dashboard Confessional’s The Swiss Army Romance), the band released two full-length albums, performed with other titans of the era including Coheed and Cambria, Onelinedrawing, Hopesfall, Sensefield, Brandtson, The Weakerthans and Hey Mercedes, and played Warped Tour and CMJ in 2001 and MacROCK in 2002, CMJ in 2001 and SXSW before parting ways.

The latter of their efforts was released on the seminal hardcore label Equal Vision Records, who were just themselves shedding their krishna-core image. 2003’s Horizon showed a band comfortable in its own skin and able to allow songs to breathe and maintain their own life.

Fast forward almost two decades and Jolie Lindholm and Jeronimo Gomez from TRHW recently released a new album with their band The Darling Fire. Seeing their names immediately inspired Rob from Friend Club to ponder reissuing Horizon if the opportunity presented itself. Finally, that dream has come to fruition.

With Equal Vision’s blessing, Friend Club Records is pleased to offer The Rocking Horse Winner’s Horizon on cassette for the first time. Limited to 50 copies with gorgeous art that stays true to the original while fit to the format. Fans of bands like Tigers Jaw, Ratboys, Liars Academy, Further Seems Forever and the aforementioned The Darling Fire are sure to enjoy rediscovering this classic.

Order it here.


Tim Anderl is an American journalist from Dayton, Ohio, whose work has been published in Alternative Press, Strength Skateboarding Magazine, and Substream Music Press. He was previously the web editor of and is currently the editor of, a host of Sound Check Chat Podcast, and a contributing writer for New Noise Magazine, Ghettoblaster Magazine and Dayton City Paper.

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