News: FRND CRCL Drops Pop-Punk Banger ‘ADHD’

Pennsylvania pop-punkers FRND CRCL are back with a new song, dropping “ADHD” last Friday. The up-tempo release is already earning praise, selected to a handful of major Spotify playlists.

“ADHD’ is everything we excel at with FRND CRCL. It’s lightning-fast pop-punk structures bodes well with the rapid-fire melodic, hip hop delivery bouncing in the verse,” the band say. “It finally gives way to explosively catchy, sing song chorus.”

The track opens with a throwback guitar riff coupling with a catchy keyboard pattern that builds into an explosive first verse. The chorus is wildly catchy, reflecting the band’s knack for songwriting. The song is prime pop-punk at its finest with a polished, new-school splash.

With no let-up, “ADHD” is one of FRND CRCL’s best tracks yet. It adds to an already impressive collection of songs combining to easily eclipse millions of streams.

It’s the band’s second uber catchy, throwback pop-punk banger in the past year. The group released the song “47” in 2022 to critical acclaim.

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