Ska is all about making danceable anthems out of bad times, so what better time than a global pandemic for the king of ska – Neville Staple, known for The Specials, Fun Boy Three, Special Beat – to release a new single, “Lockdown”. 

Under the moniker From The Specials (featuring Sugary Staple and Steve Armstrong alongside the 2-Tone legend), the track is as relatable as it is catchy, with a woeful video of life in lockdown, and a major Ghost Town vibe to its doomy, slow rhythm and minor chords.

The track was recorded by each of the 3 band members sending files to each other, and the video was recorded in true DIY style, using home equipment. 

“Sugary came up with the idea to write a song about the lockdown, which, at first, was a very fast-stomping ska track. We then realised that it was too fun and happy a tune for the theme. Most of us have been quite down about the whole virus thing, so we decided to take it on a more sweet but moody 2Tone reggae route, in a similar vein to “Ghost Town”, with some music we had worked on previously with Sledge (Steve Armstrong),” says Neville Staple.

Listen to the track HERE and watch the video below.

There’s also a Kickstarter for a 7” vinyl commemorative set HERE


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