Scottish/American progressive/tech metal quintet Frontierer, are proud to present A Trail Of Noise, an engaging documentary filmed on tour with the band across the UK and Europe in 2019 before the Covid pandemic ended touring for over a year. Filmed, directed, written, and edited by Bradley Zorgdrager, with intro animation by Dylan Gould and translation/subtitling by Calum Craig. A Trail Of Noise will be released via BangerTV on June 26.

Known to generate an uncompromising brand of sonic punishment, Fronteirer produce a brand of metal-fusing mathcore cacophony with downtuned bludgeoning tones to create a progressive sound, layered with electronics. Originally a two-person bedroom project created by Scottish guitarist and primary songwriter Pedram Valiani and American vocalist Chad Kapper, the band has since grown to become a fully-fledged touring machine with bassist Calum Craig, guitarist Dan Stevenson, and drummer Owen Hughes fleshing out the current lineup. 

Back in June of 2019, Canadian film producer Bradley Zorgdrager flew to the UK to join the masters of chaos on a three-week tour of Europe and the UK. Frontierer commissioned him to film a mini-documentary after connecting through Brad’s shout-outs of the band through BangerTV. His love for the band’s technical metal and prowess for adventurous filming made the perfect match to capture the band in action on the high-paced tour.

The band offers: “A Trail Of Noise allows viewers to peer into the rewards and challenges of being in a self-booked, self-managed band in the context of extreme music. Everything about the project encapsulates the way in which Frontierer works and who we work with. The documentary highlights that a band is made up of a solid crew, as much as it is composed of musicians. The Frontierer team extended to Brad once we brought him on the road with us. The ‘team’ aspect indirectly includes the fans whose dedication and commitment to the music and the band really shine through in the documentary.”

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