Skate-punk sounds crossed with insightful lyrics all about several species of animals is the ethos of project Animal Facts. 

Set to release self-titled album Animal Facts on July 2, the fun-filled, pop-punk project are fronted by sole songwriter, singer, instrument player, mixer, and masterer Nick Naylor (Crash-11, Lupen Tooth).   

The Animal Facts LP is set to feature 14 factual tracks including infectious singles “Penguins,” “Monkeys,” and “Pigs” alongside album songs “Armadillos,” “Rats,” “Pigeons,” and many more tracks taken from numerous names of creatures in the animal kingdom. 

An intriguing album that will provide some seriously interesting facts about animals, as well as delivering some classic pop-punk sounds, Animal Facts is the full length for you if you’re a fan of punk-rock giants Blink-182 and legendary natural historian David Attenbourogh. Listening to this record will not only make you more compassionate towards all animal species, but it will make you ten times more informed on every single fact about animals in existence. 

Animal Facts is set for release June 2 via all major music platforms, the album can be presaved here. Demo tracks taken from the LP can be purchased digitally or sent as a gift via Bandcamp here

Find a full list of all the tracks on Animal Facts below. 

Animal Facts Tracklisting:

1. Penguins
2. Lobsters
3. Armadillos
4. Rats
5. Monkeys
6. Pigeons
7. Walruses
8. Lions
9. Rhinos
10. Sharks
11. Racoons
12. Pigs
13. Slugs
14. Tardigrades

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