Scissor Press and Geykido Comet Records have released the ROCK FOR WALT compilation this past Friday (9/18/20) to benefit the family of Walter Rossmann.

Rossman, the founder of Venice, Florida’s Imprint Indie Printing and drummer of hardcore band No Fraud tragically passed away on September 10 after a 13-month battler with pancreatic cancer. One-hundred percent of proceeds from ROCK FOR WALT sales will go to Walt’s wife and daughter.

ROCK FOR WALT features 25 tracks of contributed by punk, hardcore, and ska bands, including Less Than Jake, Toys That Kill, Mike Watts + The Black Gang, and many others. Shahab Zargari of GC Records and Jackson Ellis of Scissor Press and originally intended the comp as a gift to Walt, but it is sadly being released posthumously.

While $5 is the minimum to purchase the album, all those who donate $20 or more are entered to win one of three raffle prizes:

  1. 20 YEARS OF DISCHORD RECORDS box set signed by Ian MacKaye (of Minor Threat and Fugazi)
  2. A Panic Problem prize pack, including the Panic Problem debut album, original demo cassette, two shirts, and stickers/buttons/guitar picks
  3. A GC Records prize pack, including more than $100 of music, merch, stickers, buttons, and more 

The album is available digitally via Bandcamp here.


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