If there’s a bright side to the impending apocalypse, it has to be that many of us are getting a chance to do a deep dive into the records that we’ve spent years collecting. There’s just something about hearing a young Glenn Danzig or Jello Biafra howl about the world coming to an end that soothes the soul. When “All Hell Breaks Loose,” those nearly 40-year-old records truly help to put things in perspective.

Another potential upside to doomsday is the chance to save some money on some great music. Our friends at Get-Punk are offering a 10 percent discount on all vinyl with the code STAYHOME.

In the spirit of “Give Me Covenience Or Give Me Death,” you won’t even have to put your pants on to get some essential punk! So grab a classic from the Misfits or Dead Kenedys, or a recent release from PEARS or Anti-Flag. Make staying home a whole lot more fun!


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