Nu-metal producer GHØSTKID has a new track out, a collaboration with fellow mutant INHUMAN. The track has been released along with a new 3D video that is something between the Matrix and something Linkin Park would have done for one of their videos back in 2002. “FØØL” is vicious and high tech sounding in the way that bands like Fear Factory and Machine Head once engineered to a deadly precise attack, and which the kids have now successfully exhumed and discovered to be no less murderous despite the past two decades of neglect.

The video for “FØØL” is as dystopian as the music and you can check it out below:

On the new song and video, GHØSTKID had the following to say:

“A little while ago INHUMAN and I got in contact via Instagram and I directly fell in love with the dark and atmospheric sound. We had planned to re-release a track of my album as a remix for a while and he was the perfect choice for the job. The FØØL remix is a great symbiosis between our two worlds and I’m pretty sure that there will be some more projects in the future.”

GHØSTKID’s self-titled debut album dropped last year. You can check it out here.

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