Los Angeles-based genre-defiers Glass Beach have signed to Run For Cover Records. The quartet released their debut album, aptly titled The First Glass Beach Album, early this year and have since grown in notoriety for an at times stunning and at times baffling onslaught of sound that recalls the experience of looking into a hoarder’s basement—grotesque or beautiful depending on the angle. That debut will see its first vinyl release on January 24, 2020 via Run For Cover.

Take a listen to opening track “Classic J Dies and Goes to Hell Part 1” for a taste of Glass Beach’s dada-like array of sound. The track builds from a shuffling, lo-fi piano ballad to a funky, bass-led groove to a lightly chip-tuned ska climax, or something like that. It could be a parody of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” but it’s not. Probably not.

There’s an underlying, mall-emo tone that starts to peak out across songs, a similar taste for aggressive guitars and higher range vocal hooks plus a taste for severe autotune on the voice of vocalist “Classic” J McClendon.

McClendon, the bandleader, began working on demos for the project in 2015 after moving to Los Angeles. Their solo project, Casio Dad, reached the ears of drummer William White and bassist Jonas Newhouse at the University of Minnesota leading to the pair’s subsequent move to Los Angeles to work with McClendon. There, the trio worked and reworked through McClendon’s songs, eventually resulting in The First Glass Beach Album with guitarist Layne Smith joining later.

Preorder the Run For Cover reissue of The First Glass Beach album here.


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