News: Glitterer Announce Upcoming Album ‘Rationale’

Glitterer have announced their upcoming album, Rationale, out February 24th, 2024 via ANTI- Records. Initially the solo project of Title Fight’s Ned Russin, Glitterer have expanded into a full-fledged four-piece band.

When discussing the expansion of Glitter, Russin stated, 

“I had a few different ideas of how to expand Glitterer. But after spending a year practicing songs about loneliness by myself, I decided a cohesive band was the only way to go. It has been, and always will be, my preference to be in a collaborative, creative unit, I just had to figure out how to get there.”

The band—keyboardist Nicole Dao, drummer Jonas Farah, and guitarist Connor Morin—ollaborated on the music together, while Russin handled the lyrical content.

Dao explains:

“Some songs we worked on as a group at practice, and other times we’d work out parts on our own. Once Ned, Connor and Jonas basically laid out a song, that’s when I like figuring out where keys fit in. I worked with Ned on a lot of my parts, and I really enjoyed that, since this was my first time ever writing music.”

Forming the band would be a far cry from just a man and his laptop, but that change was imminent in a world slowly piecing itself back together.

You can pre-order the album from ANTI- Records.

Photo courtesy of Mgmphotoco

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