News: Gogol Bordello and Bernard Sumner Release Cover of ‘Solidarity’ by Angelic Upstarts

Gogol Bordello recently released a cover of the classic song “Solidarity” by oi legends Angelic Upstarts. Joining the band for the cover is a legend in his own right: New Order and Joy Division founding meber Bernard Sumner.

Benefits from the song will go to support injured Ukranian soldiers through the nonprofit Kind Deeds. The single has two versions, Gogol Bordello’s “Unity” Mix, and Bernard Sumner’s “Right to Freedom” Mix. “This is a particularly meaningful collaboration for us,” says Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hütz. “To do this tribute with one of the most masterful and brilliant pioneers, Bernard Sumner, is truly epic and timely.” Check out both versions below.

The new song is out via Hütz’s label Casa Gogol Records, which he recently relaunched. “Friends with labels always told me what a pain in the ass it is,” explains Hütz. “And here I am doing exactly that anyway! ‘Cause when you put your ear to the NYC ground, it’s impossible not to. It’s necessary, it’s medicinal!”

Punk girl duo Puzzled Panther will be releasing their debut EP in 2024 as one of the first releases on the label. Singer-songwriter Grace Bergere will be another early release. “Youth culture is always producing new brilliant music, and you just pray that you are there when it happens.” says Hütz, “As different as Puzzled Panther and Grace Bergere are, they have the right kind of newness and right kind of oldness about them. They arrived into this world as poets with a singular vision and superb knack for melodism. To me, they are the new New York, which has a lot more in common with that magical old New York we know, and none of that bullshit in the middle.”

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Photo courtesy of Gogol Bordello

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