News: Gordon Withers to Perform at The Fest That Never Was

Rock cellist, Gordon Withers, will perform at a special Halloween virtual version of Florida’s much-loved The Fest, The Fest That Never Was.

As with almost every festival that should’ve happened this year (damn you COVID-19), The Fest has turned into an online, streamed event.

The Fest organizers say it best: “The Fest That Never Was!! A special Halloween live streaming event so we can all still come together and have some fun.”

Gordon Withers will join a huge array of bands and artists performing sets for The Fest That Never Was, including Frank Turner, Jon Snodgrass, War On Women, The Raging Nathans, Worriers, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, American Television, and many, many more. 

So many in fact, the organizers recently tweeted the event will likely have to happen over two days because there are so many bands! And did we mention it’s all FREE?!

As well as this weekend’s stream, Withers also announced his album of Jawbreaker covers, Gordon Withers’ Jawbreaker On Cello, via New Grenada Records, with a seafoam green vinyl available for pre-order now. He also shared a single from the album, “Boxcar”

Withers’ versions of the tracks can be heard in the Jawbreaker documentary, “Don’t Break Down”.

Withers says:

“Not only did Jawbreaker’s music influence thousands of bands, but they lifted the spirits of entire scenes and communities en masse. Their songs formed focal points for countless kids’ formative experiences, enabling friendships and connections that would last forever. Jawbreaker’s music saved at least one troubled teenage life in my own close circle and directly influenced nearly every musician I know. I am honored to be able to pay tribute to their legacy with this album.”

RSVP to The Fest That Never Was here or save this Twitch link, check out Gordon Withers’ Jawbreaker On Cello below, and follow Gordon Withers on Facebook here.

Images courtesy of Gordon Withers and The Fest

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