News: Gridfailure and Interstitia Unveil Ominous New Video

North Carolina-based Interstitia and New York-based Gridfailure unveiled the ominous new video for their new single “Population Compliance Attained Through The Dissemination Of A Psychotropic Agent.” The song is the second single from the collaborative Sunyata Ontology album, which will be released in June via Pax Aeternum.

Watch Gridfailure and Interstitia’s “Population Compliance Attained Through The Dissemination Of A Psychotropic Agent” video on YouTube:

According to the press release:

Conceptually based in a new Cold War, Interstitia’s Graham Scala and Gridfailure’s David Brenner merge their primary elements on the dense Sunyata Ontology. The ten-movement album envisions a disparate not-too-distant dystopian America, with military/espionage tactics, civil unrest, off-the-grid cults and militant factions, covert government police, the takeover of artificial intelligence, and the looming threat of nuclear catastrophe more realistic than ever. The signature sci-fi techno beats, structures, and electronics Scala creates with Interstitia are here doused in ominous low-end tones and broken communications through an amorphous blend of Gridfailure’s caustic guitar, bass, percussion, keyboards, synths, pedals, field recordings and more, with Brenner’s demoralizing vocals sporadically erupting through the sulfuric fog.

Gridfailure & Interstitia

Pax Aeternum will release Sunyata Ontology digitally on June 9th. Preorders are live at Interstitia’s Bandcamp here and Gridfailure’s Bandcamp here.

Photo courtesy of Gridfailure & Interstitia

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