Gritty In Pink have announced their fall virtual tour will climax in a livestream show in collaboration with iVoted, encouraging young people to vote.

Following on from their successful summer virtual tour that put the spotlight on emerging female artists, the iVoted election night livestream will focus on voter engagement, following the Fall Gritty Rocks Live! Tour, which hit 5 cities, mainly in swing states.

The iVoted livestream show on election night will feature the likes of The Dresden Dolls, 3OH3! and Taking Back Sunday, as well as artists that participated in the summer tour, including Madeline Rosene, Whitney Peyton, Rozzi, Lesibu Grand, Reverie, and Shiragirl.

For access to the show, fans just need to submit a selfie/photo evidence that they voted, whether it’s a photo with their absentee ballot, polling location, or “I Voted” sticker, and underage fans can send proof of their future intention to vote.

Kevin Lyman – you might’ve heard of him as the Founder of the Vans Warped Tour – is an advisor to Gritty in Pink and says the iVoted virtual concert is “off to a great start in creating the largest online festival in history.”

Tyler-Simone Molton, lead singer of Lesibu Grand comments:  

“I believe the Gritty/iVoted partnership will help raise awareness on how important it is for young adults, particularly first-time voters, to make the effort to vote. I think that voting is a way we can embark on real change in our society; so I would be doing a disservice to my work if I didn’t take the opportunity to participate in this election in a public way. Writing music is a way to rally the people to want change. Voting is a way to put that passion into action. As the late great John Lewis said, voting is ‘the most powerful nonviolent tool we have.’”

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Gritty in Pink is thrilled to announce a Virtual Stage partnership with iVoted, to help create the largest online music festival in history! 🎤🎶 GRL fam is so excited to be a part of the @ivotedfestival Election Night Livestream November 3rd with this POWERFUL lineup @thisisrozzi @madelinerosene @reverielove @whitneypeyton @lesibugrand🤩🇺🇸 . . . #grittyinpink #shiragirl #rozzi #madelinerosene #reverie #whitneypeyton #lesibugrand #virtualtour #tour #ivoted #vote #vote2020 #voteforchange #elections2020 #electionday #usa #comingsoon #livemusic #tourlife #grittyinpinklife #grl #womeninmusic #singersongwriter #livevocals #grlpower #badasswomen #futureisfemale #supportfemalesingers #musiciansofinstagram #flyer

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Shira Yevin, founder of Gritty in Pink and lead singer of Shiragirl, adds: 

“I’m thrilled that Gritty in Pink is partnering up with iVoted, to encourage voting in this important election year. My hope is that the iVoted initiative helps drive voter turnout, particularly in the swing states, where every vote truly counts… If we can help motivate young voters to participate in our democracy, we can hopefully affect change that reflects our beliefs and vision for our country.”

Gritty in Pink is a new platform empowering women in music, through performance, partnerships, and networking opportunities. Founder Shira Yevin created the Vans Warped Tour Shiragirl Stage, which showcased 300+ female musicians including Joan Jett and Paramore. Gritty in Pink continues the legacy of providing community and a stage for female voices in a male-dominated industry. 

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