On January 22, Gritty in Pink celebrated the Grammy Awards with a special ode to women in music. Featuring Shiragirl, No Small Children, and Stuntdriver, the show at the Satellite in Silver in L.A. was all about female positivity. 

“I helped to recruit, organize, and host the jam last night,” said Alex Windsor, bassist for Shiragirl and the jam coordinator, about the all-female jam session featured at the festival. “The biggest highlight for me was bringing all of the performers back onstage for our final song, ‘Shake It Off.’ To me, that feeling of being onstage together and singing as one voice is what makes this community so special. We lift each other up and shine together.”

The awesome, femmed-out event will be happening every month at the at the Satellite in Silver, and the talent buyers who set up the show are always women. The highlight of the night for the first-ever Gritty in Pink was the all-girl jam featuring Grammy-themed cover songs by many incredible female musicians, including members of Bad Cop Bad Cop and Eva Gardner, who plays bass for P!nk.

“The first-ever Gritty in Pink was one for the books! I am beyond grateful for the show of support and community that came out for this event, and the excitement that’s building around the idea of disrupting the rock ‘n’ roll boys club,” say Shiragirl. “My favorite moments were watching Eva Gardner play ‘So What’ (I felt the spirit of P!nk in the room), and jamming out with all the girls to ‘Shake it Off’ at the end of the night! No better party than a gang gang of talented women rocking out together onstage in solidarity and having the time of our lives doing it.”

The eventual goal of Gritty in Pink is to have females in male-dominated industries like music, entertainment, and sports speak and share their opinions, experiences, and thoughts regarding where they see women playing a role in these industries in the future. 

The next Gritty in Pink event will take place February 11, and the series will continue every month with a different theme. 

About Gritty in Pink: 

OUR MISSION: To empower, inspire, promote, and create a community for women in music and entertainment by providing a platform for emerging female artists, musicians, and female-fronted bands and partnering with organizations that represent women in male-dominated spaces.

OUR VISION: Create a world in which women have equal opportunity, increased representation, and access to a network of resources in the entertainment industry.

OUR VALUES: We stand for diversity, equality, representation, unity, empowerment, authenticity, and FUN! 

About Shiragirl: As the legend goes, a young, determined Shira showed up to the Vans Warped Tour in her iconic pink RV, creating her own stage and performing atop her RV with her band, Shiragirl. After receiving a rousing crowd response, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman invited Shira to return the following summer to host the official Shiragirl Stage featuring female artists, accomplishing her mission to inspire and empower women by providing a platform for creative expression. The Shiragirl Stage went on to host over 200 female-fronted bands, many making their Warped debuts, including Paramore on their first-ever tour and the legendary Joan Jett.

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Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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