Gritty in Pink, a new platform for empowering women in music through performance, partnerships and networking opportunities, held a special 420 live fundraiser through which they raised hundreds of dollars for Americans For Safe access and featured several artists, including Hoity-Toity, Sarah of Transviolet, Madison Deaver, Linh Le of Bad Cop Bad Cop, and Bodacious Thang. The show was hosted by Shiragirl.

American For Safe Access is a nonprofit “on a mission to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.” Gritty said in a statement they are thrilled to be part of the movement and help support women in another male-dominated industry.


Shiragirl elaborated on the importance of Gritty In Pink showing solidarity in the cannabis industry.

“Gritty In Pink prides itself on being a progressive company, and we are happy to align with such an amazing women-led charity with Americans For Safe Access. Personally, I love partnering up with cannabis organizations, because I have been a fierce advocate for medical marijuana for many years, as it has helped me through some physically tough times with my stomach issues,” Shiragirl said in an email statement to New Noise.

She continued, “Not to mention so many musicians rely on cannabis for physical and mental support, assisting with issues artists face, from anxiety to writer’s block. I have watched friends get arrested for weed, and it’s senseless and unfair. Now we are entering a new era, and I couldn’t be any more proud to be supporting it.”

You can catch the prerecorded, live fundraiser now on Gritty In Pink’s IGTV.

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