Gritty in Pink added to the amazing tradition of women holding up other women, with their Women’s History Month event. On March 3, Gritty in Pink took over the Satellite for an all-girl jam and some seriously great music. The event also partnered with Keep A Breast to help spread the world about breast cancer prevention.

Gritty in Pink is a celebration of women in music featuring the one-and-only, all-girl jam plus rad, female-fronted bands. This time around, the night featured DJ Suzi Moon (@thesuzimoon) and was hosted by comedian Brandie Posey (brandazzle) and openers Nadia Turner (from American Idol), Shiragirl (founder Warped Tour Shiragirl Stage), and one-woman band, Plasmic.

“Gritty in Pink is the perfect space for us to honor, celebrate, and support each other. It’s always a blast to rock with my fellow ladies,” said Eva Gardner, bassist for P!nk, who played the inaugural event and returned this month.

“Gritty in Pink is a truly magical experience. It’s a tribe of supportive, powerful, and inspiring women musicians, a community so needed and welcomed in the L.A. music scene,” said Julianne Q of Julianne Q and The Howl.

“The girl power and the love and support were palpable,” said Jessica Littlefield. “They have created a wonderful thing.” 

“Plasmic opened Gritty in Pink with a life-size Barbie doll, lots of props, and a drag queen dancing around,” said founder Shiragirl. “It was the perfect way to open up the night.” 

If you missed the fun this time around, or can’t wait for more, stay tuned for an announcement about their upcoming April 7 show. The event will take place on first Tuesdays of every month.

The March 3 show featured: Plasmic (@plasm1c), Nadia Turner @nadiaturner, Shiragirl (@shira_girl), DJ Suzi Moon (@thesuzimoon) and comedian host Brandie Posie (brandazzle)

The ALL-GIRL JAM featured: Adi Argelazi, Africa Jett, Alex Windsor, Alexa Wolfe, Alyssa Ruffin, Ania, BB, Brenda Carsey, Britt Lightning, Carla Betz, Cheyenne Jolene, Constance Antoinette, Eva Gardner, Jayelle, Jessica Goodwin, Jessica Littlefield, Julianne Q, Katie Cole, KC Carnage, Khadejhia, Lindsay Martin, Marisa Testa, Mia Fluxxx, Michelle Moraga, Milaena, Moa Munoz, Natalie Nova, Nicole Carson, Nikki Stevens, Rainey P, Sabrina Winter, Shaina Mikee Keiths, Shani Kimelman, Thea Grace, Tiffany 

Follow @grittyinpinklife and @shira_girl on Instagram or contact for more info. Follow @keepabreast or visit them online for more info. 


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