Bay Area trio Grumpster have shared new single “Teeth,” their first release since last year’s full-length debut, Underwhelmed, on Asian Man Records. “Teeth” finds the group’s pop-punk sound taking on a grungier edge.

“I wrote ‘Teeth’ about being used,” says vocalist/bassist Falyn Walsh. “It’s about one-sided relationships where the other person only keeps you around to use you to their advantage, and the way it makes you feel once you realize that their intentions were only for personal gain, and that they never truly cared for you.”

Walsh delivers that message with a frustrated but catchy melody. The vocals seeming stuck in a narrow range working through the turmoil (“we’re not like each other, I guess we never were / you held me underwater just so you could get further along”) until opening up in the chorus.

“Teeth” will be released alongside “Growing Pains” as the Mindless 7″ via Asian Man Records digitally on August 14 with the physical release expected to ship the first week of September.

Pre-order the “Teeth” / “Growing Pains” 7″ here.


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