News: Hard-Hitting Punk Project Plizzken Debuts New Single

New street-punk project Plizzken decided that in these times of social unrest, the downfall of the working class and the acceptance of fascist structures in our sick society, it was time for them to create some impactful music.

Fronted by Sebi Walkenhorst, known for his German vocal work in Stomper 98, the band has just announce their debut single “Dear All Happy People,” off of upcoming album …And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes. Plizzken’s debut album will be released on July 2 via Pirates Press Records.

This track is also available as a picture flexi which fans can get when they place an order through the Pirates Press Records webstore, or is can be found at select record stores worldwide.

Sebi states: “I always wanted to write English songs and after we started the songwriting process, I already had a sentence on my mind. So the first line ever written on this record was ‘go all the way’ from the title track, “…And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes.”

With touring plans canceled due to the pandemic, Silvio Schlesier (guitar/vocals) and Sebi built a recording studio in their practice space with their free time. After jamming for a bit, the two began incessantly writing non-stop until the record was finished.

The natural chemistry of Silvio and Sebi allowed for them to craft these rock ‘n’ roll tracks with ease. Their mission is to keep it authentic and real with no studio tricks or slick production.

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