News: Hardcore Group Kind Eyes Drops New Video For ‘Cruel World’

Since their inception in 2018, Sacramento’s Kind Eyes have established themselves as a force within the West Coast Hardcore Scene. Unafraid to push the boundaries lyrically and musically, Kind Eyes fuses together influences from Rage Against The Machine, Incendiary, and Stray From The Path to yield a fury of melody and rage.

Kind Eyes is gearing up to release their third studio project, Cruel World, through Upstate Records in the summer of 2022. In the meantime, the band has unleashed a brand new video for their self-titled single, “Cruel World,” a call to action for social justice and tolerance.

Of the new single, Kind Eyes vocalist Murphy Katana states: “The song is my way of expressing the turmoil of being a targeted as a minority, treated as a threat, recognizing the ones we’ve lost due that irrational fear our oppressors have about brown skin, sympathizing and identifying with those know understand the thin line we walk, understanding a lost soul in a cruel world.”

In fall of 2022, Kind Eyes will bring their brand to the East Coast with fellow Upstate Records label mates, Arcline and Grace as well as being featured on this year’s Northern Alliance Fest.

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