News: Heavy Metal Maniacs Kaizen Release Sophomore Single ‘Gravelord Arise’

The force of heavy metal is rising in Bangladesh as the torch-bearers Kaizen mark their return with their second single “Gravelord Arise.” With a blend of powerful vocals, fierce guitars, ponderous bass and drums, and epic storytelling, the band continue to swing the silver sword of heavy metal. The song holds the thick atmosphere of dark mysticism and an embodiment of heavy metal. In “Gravelord Arise,” Kaizen take us on a dark and ominous journey through the corridors of betrayal, demons, the reaper’s impending presence, and a ghost – the Gravelord.

Listen to “Gravelord Arise” on YouTube:

Kaizen was formed in October 2019 by brothers Shamil Khan and Jamil Khan. They soon recruited vocalist Adnan and drummer Prithwi to complete their lineup. An original song titled “I Am Eagle-Heart” was quickly composed once the lineup became stable. Unfortunately, drummer drummer Prithwiraj Purohit passed away in April 2020. Nahin Hasan filled in Prithwi’s place in January 2021. Since then, the band have slayed on stage numerous times. Currently, they have seven original songs.



Vocals & Lyrics: Adnan Alimushwan
Guitars: Shamil Khan
Bass: Jamil Khan
Drums: Nahin Hasan

Kaizen will be releasing more singles and plan to deliver their debut full-length album Amulet Of Seven Stars soon.

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Photo courtesy of Kaizen

Artwork courtesy of Arcane Designs

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