Iceland-hailing black metallers Helfró have just released their blistering new track “Ávöxtur Af Rotnu Tré.” This is the third single from their upcoming, self-titled, debut album due for release April 24 via Season of Mist Underground Activists. Check out this brand-new single below.


1. Afeitrun (05:40)
2. Ávöxtur af rotnu tré    (04:19)
3. Eldhjarta (03:53)
4. Þrátt fyrir brennandi vilja (04:17)
5. Þegn hinna stundlegu harma (03:49)
6. Hin forboðna alsæla (04:28)
7. Katrín (05:20)
8. Musteri agans (04:50)

Helfró’s upcoming, self-titled, debut album can be pre-ordered here.


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