Essex newcomers LOWLIFE have released their debut single “Wasteland” via Hellcat Records.

LOWLIFE – comprised of Liam Haygarth, Nathan Mortimer, Harry Todd, and Jordan Cardy (aka RAT BOY) – combine pop, West Coast hip-hop, dub, and a touch of Middle Eastern melody, on their first track.  

LOWLIFE Wasteland

Born out of Zoom collaborations throughout the UK’s first wave of Covid-19 lockdown, the band have spent most of their time writing and recording together, producing and mixing “Wasteland” entirely independently in a dilapidated studio lock-up on a farm in Essex, England.

Everything about the band is DIY, filming music videos, designing artwork, and producing merch on their limited budget, without compromising on quality. 

Check out “Wasteland” below, and follow LOWLIFE on Instagram for updates.

Images courtesy of LOWLIFE. Featured image by Oscar Blair.


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