While in Lockdown, two thirds of Hey Jester sat down and recorded their self-titled single ‘Hey Jester’, off their self titled album too. For anyone that’s heard the album, or read our review at least, they’ll know that ‘Hey Jester’ is a psychedelic track with a subtle ‘sarcastic meets romantic’ undertone. With a gentle comic feel to the track’s subject, there’s nothing humorous about the concept of this acoustic version. Featuring stunning harmonies that soar into tomorrow with the track’s guidance, the flamenco-like guitar shines throughout the acoustic wonder with colour. 

Making a negative situation into something quite magical, the acoustic release sees the progressive-alternative rock outfit in a completely different light. Showcasing different sides of the spectrum, there’s elements of young Led Zeppelin in this outfit, and if they don’t find themselves at a number one slot, the world’s gone mad. 

Hey Jester (Acoustic) is available on Bandcamp for £1, all sales from this single will be donated to St John Ambulance who need help especially during this pandemic.


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