Hiroki Tanaka (former member of electronic duo YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN) has announced his debut solo album Kaigo Kioku Kuoku, set to drop October 16 via COAX.

It’s a bit of a departure from his previous work, honing in on a solo, emo acoustic aesthetic. You can check out the video for the first single for the album “Bare Hallways” below:

Kaigo Kioku Kyoku (which translates into “Caregiving Memory Songs”) was built from Tanaka’s experience as a caregiver for his grandmother who was stricken with Alzheimer’s, and his uncle who was dying of terminal cancer.

On the conception of the album, Tanaka has the following to say:

“I wanted to create a sonic archive of the space that had provided me life, and served as space for transformation and shedding. I wanted to provide a voice that I hadn’t heard before, one that illustrated the experience of being a caregiver in stark detail. One that celebrated my family’s multicultural heritage and created a snapshot of a family’s history.”

Pre-order Kaigo Kioku Kuoku here.


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