New Jersey-based Hit Like a Girl have released a new single, “Monsters”, featuring Bartees Strange, from their upcoming album Heart Racer, out April 2 via Refresh Records.

Inspired by a life-changing panic attack frontperson Nicolle Maroulis (they/them) went through, “Monsters” looks at the experience as a moment of clarity, realizing that things around them are changing––and the only person that can save them from falling is themselves.

Hit Like a Girl Heart Racer

Heart Racer, the band’s third album and first for new label home Refresh Records, takes the form of a revelatory message, shaking off feelings of headache and anxiety, with Maroulis concluding that in the battle between self-doubt and self-actualization, the latter wins.

As well as creating heartfelt and inspirational music, Maroulis also runs a non-profit organization, No More Dysphoria, supporting and assisting those going through various gender-related transitions. Since its inception in 2016, the organization has provided financial aid and emotional support to over 100 individuals, including but not limited to hormone therapies, gender-affirming clothing, binders, therapy sessions, and various gender reassignment surgeries.

Check out “Monsters” below, and pre-order Heart Racer from Refresh Records here. Find out more about No More Dysphoria here.

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Images courtesy of Hit Like a Girl. Featured image credit: Emily Berger.


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