News: Honey Revenge Release Glossy New Track ‘Rerun’

Pop-rockers Honey Revenge released their brand new single “Rerun,” with a vibrant music video to match. Freshly released through Thriller Records, “Rerun” is a luminous song lacing powerful hooks together with bold vocals. Melodies within the track add a layer catchiness that beam with confidence drawing new fans in. The trapped-television themed video shines a light on the band’s ability to create eye-catching storylines, honing in on their versatile creativity.

The band state: “We’ve all struggled with things not going the way we planned. It’s not easy to bounce back from being let down. ‘Rerun’ dives into the hopeless experience of feeling like you’re living the same bad day over and over again and trying to stay positive in spite of being at your worst. I wrote the song in a state of severe impatience wondering when the hard work would start paying off. It’s cathartic to know it’s finally making its way into the world, especially now that I’m in a much better place.”

Watch the video for “Rerun” here:

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