News: House Parties Release Debut EP ‘Side Effects’

Pop punk band House Parties remind the scene it’s a force to be reckoned with on its debut EP Side Effects. Paired with the new work is the release of the band’s music video for the song “Waterworks.”

“‘Side Effects’ is about those ‘background emotions’ that we experience but rarely ever talk about,” House Parties vocalist Chaney Elaine states. “These songs are just my own personal side effects from living life in my mid-20s.”

The four-track EP kicks off with the bubbly “Braindead” before transitioning into the heavy “Get A Grip.” “Mid-Life Crisis” gives the EP serious edge while “Waterworks” lets the band flex its insane musical prowess.

Each track adds its own element to the EP, providing a perfect blend of all that pop-punk can accomplish. It might be lazy to compare House Parties to another femme-fronted band of the genre. But Side Effects reminisces of the wonderful, early work from Stand Atlantic.

Lyrically, the album captures the emotions of navigating the post college, “real world” life.

“It seems like it’s scary, sad, anxious and angry all mixed into one giant pill that I can’t swallow but I’m forced to anyways,” Elaine continues.

House Parties also recently announced it will join pop-punk solo star Games We Play on his cross country tour in the Spring. It’s the Texas natives most significant set of shows to date.

Watch for new announcements and tour updates here.

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