News: Hüsker Dü Announce Previously-Unheard Live Album ‘Tonite Longhorn’ From 1979-80

Hüsker Dü have announced that they will release a double-disc set titled Tonite Longhorn, which includes previously unheard early rare live tracks recorded on stage at Minneapolis, MN’s notorious Longhorn Bar.

The songs were recorded between July 1979 and September 1980. The tracks are traced through the historical Hüsker Dü recording archives compiled by late sound engineer Terry Katzman. The album will contain 28 fiery tracks. Tonite Longhorn will be out through Reflex Records on August 25. Ahead of the release, the band share a taste of what is to arrive, the track “Do You Remember?” off of the album, recorded live at Longhorn in 1979.

Listen to “Do You Remember?” live at Longhorn, 1979, on YouTube:

Bob Mould shares his thoughts on the album:

“Most artists begin their careers by looking to their heroes for inspiration. Tonite Longhorn is a comprehensive overview of three teenagers paying homage, experimenting with different genres, and—most importantly—building a foundation for things to come. We knew what we had: good chemistry, great melodies and harmonies, and an overabundance of young (and sometimes dumb) enthusiasm. We knew we were different, and we knew we were on to something different.”

Greg Norton also shares his thoughts:

“The audition. Bob was done with his freshman year, and we didn’t have any gigs lined up. He was considering going home to Malone for the summer. Grant shows up all frantic and tells us we need to load the gear and get to the Longhorn; we had an audition. We arrived during their lunch service, load in, and start playing. The manager comes storming out of his office and stops us. “What the hell do you guys want?” He asks. Grant says, we want to play here. He replies, fine, you can play the opening set Friday night, just stop playing and get out of here.

That set is here, July 13, 1979. We passed the ‘audition,’ and the rest is history.”

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Photo courtesy of Steve Hengstler

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