There’s still over 100 days left until we get to party down in Gainesville at FEST 19, but that hasn’t stopped them announcing their entire schedule to get excited over. There’s been some epic additions and unfortunate drop-outs, so keep reading for all the details!

New bands added to the line-up are: Baroness, Scott Reynolds, Soul Glo, Lemmiwinks (Panama), Gordon Withers, Airstream Futures, Wrong War, Bonsai Trees, The Handsome Scoundrels, Damage Done, LAST, Hotel Etiquette, Wreath, Love Kills Joy, Black Valley Moon, Tampa Punk Rock Karaoke, and Bradley Palermo.

There’s also a bunch of Mystery Bands in the schedule. Those are usually some really special sets FEST have talked bands into doing while they’re already there. They’re usually announced on Friday of FEST, so keep you eyes peeled for those!

Now for the sad news: due to Covid restrictions and logistic nightmares, as well as clashes with other commitments, some bands have had to drop-out of the fest. 

The biggest band to sadly not make it this year is Gorilla Biscuits. FEST reached out and Walter wanted to share with everyone:

“We regretfully have to bow out of Fest 19 this year. We all were really looking forward to it but the timing didn’t work out for us this year.”

Three day passes are sold out, but you can still purchase single show tickets (as well as hotels and merch) here.

For more information and answers to FAQs, check out the FEST site here.

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Images courtesy of FEST 19.


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