The Last Gang have released their new single, “Gimme Action”, produced by the one and only Fat Mike, from their upcoming album, Noise, Noise, Noise, out October 8 via Fat Wreck.

The Last Gang say of the new single:

“’Gimme Action’ is lyrically inspired by La Mulâtresse Solitude, as well as the protests that swept through cities across the globe after the murder of George Floyd. The song is a battle cry for real, meaningful action, and change in the fight against systemic racism, police brutality, and social injustice.”

The album was produced by Fat Mike of NOFX, Yotam Ben Horin of Useless ID, and Cameron Webb. Frontwoman Brenna Red says the pandemic put a hold on the band’s previously relentless touring, which gave them more time and energy to put into writing:
“Because COVID happened, I was allowed to not rush, and we stepped back and re-wrote songs. Then I went to Fat Mike’s to write with him, and he challenged me to write more Clash-influenced reggae. I listened to London Calling to get inspired, but I think Joe Strummer once said if you want to be inspired, don’t listen to your idols — listen to your idols’ idols. So I also listened to a lot of Toots And The Maytals and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, and a ton of Trojan Records compilations.

“I write music just to be alive. I hope there’s something that can be taken from it to make you feel that electricity inside of yourself, whether happiness, pain, bittersweet memories… Just pick apart the art and put it inside of your own life.”

The Last Gang Noise Noise Noise

Noise, Noise, Noise may come as a surprise to some fans of the band, as Red says:
“We’re obviously punk at our core. People expect to hear something, and that can become tedious and somewhat boring. But when you throw somebody a curveball, if they hate it, that’s fine. But more than likely, they’re gonna go, ‘What is this?’ and it’ll pull them more into the album.”

The album is also the first to feature lead guitarist Ken Aquino, as the band debut their now-quartet line-up on record. Red says:            
“Ken is a great lead guitar player, but my huge thing I love about Ken is at his core, he’s a melody man — he can sing pretty. He adds so much to our band.

Check out “Gimme Action” below, pre-order/save Noise, Noise, Noise here, and visit the Fat Wreck website for tour dates.

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Images courtesy of The Last Gang. Featured image credit: Alexia Carroll.


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