News: IDLES Release Electrifying Cover of Little Simz on Spotify Singles

The British band IDLES have joined the “Spotify Singles” series spectacularly and unconventionally. Taking advantage of their distinctive style and energy, they have created a piece that will surprise their fans and music lovers.

Recorded in Los Angeles, this new single features a revamped version of “Roy,” one of the fan-favorite tracks from their recent album TANGK. However, what truly stands out is their interpretation of Little Simz’s “Mood Swings.” Instead of simply covering the song, IDLES has taken it to a new level by fusing it with Peaches’ “Fuck The Pain Away” and The Chemical Brothers’ “Elektrobank,” creating a unique and electrifying mix.

IDLES’ vocalist Joe Talbot, expressed his excitement about this collaboration, highlighting how the band has been a fan of Little Simz and wanted to pay tribute to her powerful music. This mix not only showcases IDLES’ versatility but also their ability to reinterpret and transform songs into something completely new and exciting.

This release comes at a crucial time for the band, just before their highly anticipated headline performance on the Other Stage at Glastonbury this month. This expected performance at one of the world’s most important festivals underscores IDLES’ ongoing influence and impact on the contemporary music scene.

Find out what’s new from IDLES for ‘Spotify Singles’:

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Photo courtesy of Daniel Topete

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